Elegant web design

Elegant web design

Polished, distinct, simple.

Does your company website fully meet the needs of your customers?

Most entrepreneurs want nothing more than to leave the technical stuff to the techies. That’s a sound decision, but sometimes the baby is thrown out with the bathwater – your unique insights with regards to your customers (and prospective customers) aren’t integrated into the design.

I believe that you as an entrepreneur should be allowed to focus on your business and not have to be bothered with any of the tech. I also believe that you have insights which are invaluable to me when I design or improve upon your website.

The work I do aims to lower the unique barriers between your customers and you. When you hire me, that’s the idea which will permeate your website.

Previous customers
Peat Industry Hummeltorps Torvindustri AB: www.hummeltorp.se
Dentist Tandläkare Jesper Larsson AB: www.tandlakarelarsson.com

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